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Whether you’re moving down the street in or across Canada,

Our movers are professional, careful and polite every time! 

We come to your home or business to see what items you need moving before moving day, so we can give a realistic estimate of how long the move will take.

We come to your home or business to see what items you need moving before moving day, so we can give a realistic estimate of how long the move will take.

Local/Long Distance Moving

When you need reliable, high-quality movers to plan and execute your move, Turpin Moving & Storage will get the job done right.
Professional, careful and polite every time, a Turpin Moving Representative will survey your home or business to see all the belongings you’re planning to move before the actual moving day. Our visit also ensures that the truck sent to move you and your belongings will be the right size, with more than enough pads, dollies, straps and other equipment to move your possessions safely. We then use the information gathered to ensure that the crew will be prepared to do the required job. The personal visit outlines the services estimate, which is how we provide that the final cost for your move will be on a budget.

Specialized/Custom Moving

Turpin Moving & Storage has more than 13 years of experience safely and efficiently transporting goods for local, inter-provincial and international moving customers. With this vast experience, there is no better company to choose for Collingwood’s custom and specialized moving services than Turpin Moving. We have the specialized assistance you can depend on for the secure and practical transport of high-value products, including pianos, computers and electronics, kitchen equipment, and more!

Moving Truck

Need a Piano Moved?

We’ll handle the transport of your piano.
You don’t want to entrust these fragile, high-value instruments to anyone. Turpin Moving & Storage are top-notch piano movers you can trust.
We understand that your piano is one of your most valuable possessions. Hiring professional piano movers to transport these instruments is best, as pianos are awkwardly shaped and heavy. Our expert move crews use the utmost care when handling and transporting your piano. Don’t take the risk of trying to move your piano yourself. Instead, protect your investment with the peace of mind only Turpin Moving & Storage can provide.

Kitchen/Restaurant Equipment

Turpin Moving & Storage excels in kitchen equipment moving for local restaurants. Our expert move crews transport all restaurant equipment, delivering shipments securely and expeditiously – even for time-critical requirements. We have the specialized equipment, trained professionals and expertise necessary to handle sensitive, high-value shipments like these. We have handled the shipment of a wide variety of kitchen equipment. Our Collingwood restaurant equipment moving services have been used for all restaurant moves, including renovations, new restaurant set-ups, expansion, and more. We utilize specialized techniques in handling and transporting this equipment, ensuring that the items are secure and safe throughout the process. Our air rides suspension trucks ensure these items’ smooth loading, transportation and unloading. Our crews will provide inside placement and assembly services if requested.

Computers & Electronics

Don’t just entrust your high-value computers, electronics or monitors to anyone. Choose the highly trained professionals at Turpin Moving & Storage to provide you with Collingwood’s computer and server moving services. We have specialized equipment and trained crews to handle and transport your expensive and sensitive computers. We have moved all computer equipment, including notebooks, desktops, monitors, and IT equipment, for local businesses’ computer moving requirements. Moving computers and electronics requires specialized knowledge of handling, packing and transporting these items. 

Turpin Moving & Storage crews have extensive experience that guarantees your high-value computers are safe throughout transportation. Our team will pack and prepare your computers for transport. As soon as we arrive at the destination, we’ll be able to provide inside placement services based on your needs. We will unpack and remove debris if you need this service.

Internal Moving Assistance

Sometimes moving doesn’t require trucks, but it does require extra hands who can handle heavy moving items from one space to another. Let our knowledgeable moving team provide the extra help you need to rearrange your home or office.

We Can Help You With the Following:
•    Relocation to a new floor
•    Office Expansion
•    Cross-building relocation
•    Furniture relocation for remodelling or re-stack
•    Furniture relocation for an upcoming renovation, event or conference
•    Employee or partner relocation
•    Extra hands for hire

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